A Therapist’s Son

I asked my son what he was drawing and he said, “I’m drawing what’s inside my heart.” I asked him to tell me about it and he replied, “I can’t say. Let me draw it. I’m drawing my heart.” Here is what he drew. He is such a therapist’s son.

A's heart

My therapist has always told me to re-do my art therapy when it is dark; do an opposite. While my inside feels dark, bruised, and bloody, this is what I want my heart to feel like. I want it to feel vibrant, happy, and colorful. I used a lot of yellow because it’s light; I used a lot of pink because it’s one of my favorite colors; and I used orange because it’s my son’s favorite color. I noticed that using so many colors requires more effort. In order to fill all the gaps with different colors, it takes time and careful calculation. I believe this is how much of my life is. I can allow my life to be dark, black, and red. It’s easier to allow the darkness to overtake me. But if I put just a little more effort in and add a few vibrant colors, perhaps just a tiny bit of light will shine through. That is all we need to have hope and endurance; a little bit of light.



2 thoughts on “A Therapist’s Son

  1. I found this fascinating as the first drawing is exactly what i have drawn about how i feel many times in the past. I’ve never had much success doing art therapy but when i looked at your second, colourful picture, i instantly felt brighter about things. Perhaps i ought to try doing this for myself. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the feedback. That’s how I feel too. I have been really spiraling the past couple of days, and decided to just do the opposite, colorful drawing just because. I knew I had to pull out of this funk for my family. Focusing on this new picture pulled me out of the spiral. I hope it works for you. Always try doing an opposite picture- for some reason it works for me every time.

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