It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday
It’s time for my biggest facade of all
I will go to church and pretend I’m fine
Few will notice when I decline
Yet another lunch invitation
Kids are a great excuse
But really it’s me

My husband is relieved
he is depleted too
No wonder we fight
When this battle is fought
there is nothing left

The Bible says if I make my bed in the depths of hell, God is there
But what if my bed was made for me?
People say faith is like a tea bag
You can tell what you’re made of in boiling water
But what if I’m being burned alive?
I’ve failed the tea bag test

It’s time to accept and work through my son being a major trigger
It makes sense
That’s how old I was when…
Never mind.
I have a facade with you too.

4 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. You are showing what you are made of now and it certainly ain’t no tea bag sweetie! You are protecting him now as you should have been long ago…trust yourself.

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