Essential Oils? Vitamin Deficiency? – PTSD

Herbal Essence Dropper

Does anybody have any specific knowledge or experience regarding the use of essential oils, particularly to treat PTSD symptoms? I have been very curious about essential oils since I read about a friend whose son with autism was able to decrease his levels of risperdal due to using essential oils. For some reason, I always seem to be wary of homeopathic remedies, but if it has helped anyone’s PTSD symptoms, I am willing to try. I have a friend who has the following oils to help with anxiety, and she was going to let me try them: Lavender, Balance, Serenity, and Breathe.

Also, I know nothing about vitamins, but am wondering if PTSD symptoms (namely dizziness and anxiety) are ever caused by a certain vitamin deficiency or another physical issue. Has anyone ever gone for bloodwork regarding PTSD or gone on a certain vitamin and had their PTSD symptoms decrease? I know hypoglycemia sometimes gets me because I under eat when I’m stressed. I know I have been dizzy all day and just took a prenatal vitamin I had left over from MY SON! (with my other two pregnancies, I jumped onto the gummy prenatal vitamins bandwagon and so these swallow pills have been in my cupboard for 4.5 years!) and within 30 minutes my dizziness went away.

I don’t know, what do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Essential Oils? Vitamin Deficiency? – PTSD

  1. I don’t know an awful lot about this but i do know that lavender has a very calming effect. Have you ever tried ‘Bach’s Rescue Remedy’? I use it (four drops on the tongue) when i’m feeling anxious or had a shock of any sort and it’s also good for helping calm you in panic attacks. You can buy it at any health food shop or chemist and it’s not expensive either xxx

  2. I read somewhere that the idea behind an “alternative” treatment of vitamin therapy is to saturate the body with vitamin to produce serotonin. But nothing for dizzness

  3. This is an interesting article with some vitamin suggestions –
    I am a firm believer in getting your hormones checked too. Hormone imbalance can wreak havoc on your life. The best way is with a saliva test. I use ZRT Laboratories, and I was very satisfied with the results. I used to have anxiety at night that would keep me awake for hours. Now I am on progesterone, and I sleep better than I have in a couple years. I feel better during the day too because I am actually rested.

  4. I’m glad you are able to sample those oils. They are very effective in treating Anxiety symptoms. The lavender and serenity can help aromatically and topically. When applying topically, apply to back of neck, temples, or reflex points on feet. You can also add 1-2 drops to 1/4 cup bath salts and dissolve in warm bath water. Balance can be applied on the back of your neck. Apply Breathe to your chest. Frankincense enhances the effects of oils and also helps stabilize the nervous system. If you feel hormones play a role in your symptoms, particularly in the timing of your cycle, you may also want to try Clary Sage (aromatically/topically helps with emotional stress as well as provides hormonal balance and helps with PMS symptoms. It’s also a good one for Postpartum depression, mood swings (aromatically), and insomnia). Most likely, the dizziness comes from your body’s response to the fear. As for vitamins, B vitamins are great for the brain. Perhaps, a Stress B Complex may help?

  5. Yes, I just started! I get very little sleep because I am kept up by nightmares. My doctor said he could give me a medication (it is actually for blood pressure) that’s shown to help with nightmares. As sensitive as my system is, I really didn’t want to take a medication that could be messing with my blood pressure. I researched it and found certain oils can help so I started using them and it worked. I still get an occasional dream creep in but it is less in intensity and frequency. The bonus is it smells good :).

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