Prison Break. Nightmare Meets Reality


I watched from a distance as the prisoner walked into the room looking somewhat deflated. It made sense though, because he was being put to death. And I had every intention on watching. I noticed he was not being restrained in any way, but I felt safe because he was across the room. Suddenly, the prisoner began walking towards me. I motioned to the reporter, who told me to relax because she had a stun gun. I told her to use it but she laughed it off. I told her that the prisoner was coming for me and she still refused to use it on him. In an instant, he had pushed me against the wall and had his arms around my neck choking me. The reporter stunned him and he fell to the ground. I escaped and began running away. Suddenly, over the intercom system I heard, “The prisoner has broken free!” Should I hide in the building? Should I hide in my car? Or should I get in my car and drive away? I knew he was looking for me.

The prisoner is no longer contained. He is free. How will I know I am safe? How can I keep tabs on my prisoner? Will he come after me? Should I run? Should I hide? Should I shout for others to take cover? I was hoping he’d die in his prison cell.

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3 thoughts on “Prison Break. Nightmare Meets Reality

  1. All be it a nightmare or a true life scenario, this sounds really terrifying and i hope that whatever this represents isn’t quite so menacing or frightening for you xxx

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