Opinion Requested

LikeARiver LikeARiver2









Which one do you like best? This is going to be the cover of my book. If a real publisher picks it up (in which case I’m sure I will not get to pick the cover, but covers are fun anyway!), I’ll probably use my real name to publish. If I end up self-publishing, I think I’ll use this pseudonym… unless, before then, I can get my husband to agree to having “Genesis” in the name bank for our next daughter 😉 I am reading through one more time, and will add one or three more scenes where I see fit. Then, I’m moving onto the sequel!

14 thoughts on “Opinion Requested

  1. Both covers are beautiful, but I slightly prefer the left one with the fade-out.
    Please tell us the meaning of your title ‘Like A River’.

    • Thanks for your input, and thanks for asking. The meaning is actually explained in the last paragraph of the book. It is a comparison to our lives- regarding how it twists and turns and adapts to the ground around it.

  2. I like the first one (on the left) :). I like the clarity of the colours towards the front, fading as they reach the back. A bit like life’s comings and goings and ups and down. In life, we can sometimes ‘see’ things more clearly in our mind and at other times, things are murky (Sorry long reply!) x 🙂

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