Fixing Our Form

Yesterday when I was running, I saw my shadow and realized I quite resemble Phoebe when I run. Embarrassing. So today, I fixed my form. By fixing my form alone, I shaved off 25 seconds per mile from my pace!

In regard to healing from our trauma, maybe all we need is to adjust our form. Pull our elbows in, straighten our backs, and lengthen our strides. Do the coping skills our therapists tell us, choose to make changes that will lead to a recovery. Open our mouths and move our limbs when our brains say our bodies should be frozen. Eat healthy foods to nourish our bodies.

Some days I do not want to make the effort. Change is hard. But it took almost no effort for me to fix my running form. My breathing was nearly the same and my bad knee doesn’t hurt like it usually does! Maybe, just maybe it doesn’t take much effort to start making healthy strides towards healing. And if we make the smallest of changes, perhaps we will see that all of a sudden our bum knee isn’t bum anymore; our breathing is regulated; and we have reached the finish line without realizing.

And let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. -Hebrews 12:1

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4 thoughts on “Fixing Our Form

  1. I do love phoebe’s run though…it made me smile picturing you running like her. I’ve always aspired to run like her actually, with her freedom and abandon. Though I do get what you’re saying…think I just use it for a different metaphor! Either way, good on you for keeping running! xx

    • hahaha thanks. That’s true, her reason for it is great! When you *think* you’re running like a marathon runner though, it’s a different story 😉 hahaha xx

  2. I’m not sure if we have a ‘Phoebe’ in the UK. We may do but I don’t know of her. Anyway you sound very positive and your advice is good. Keep on enjoying your running! xxx 🙂

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