“You should just run a marathon…”


Those words passively exited my husband’s mouth the other day on our way to dinner. I had just run 7.31 miles, my farthest distance ever, and was pretty proud of myself. I have been sort-of training for a half marathon and thinking that it was possible for me to run 13.1 miles… Not 26.2 miles!

I looked up various things, such as how often to drink water and how to improve my pace, and I found a great marathon training program for novice runners! I have to start at week 5 to be on pace for the marathon date, but that’s round-about where I am anyway.

I have 4 weeks to decide whether I’m going to register. If I make it through the next 4 Saturdays of running, with my longest distance being 13.1 miles, and I’m still smiling, I think I’ll register!

Photo Credit: http://alexloves.com/2013/04/10-tips-for-beginning-runners/

One thought on ““You should just run a marathon…”

  1. I can’t imagine, in a million years, ever running a marathon although I could possibly do it with my electric wheelchair (but that would be cheating!).

    Seriously though, I think that’s great and you should quite rightly be proud of yourself xxx 🙂

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